Happy [late] fourth of July!
Our (@mcedwards0316 and me) view of the fireworks. There were tons of people lighting up their own show and we enjoyed every minute of it! The residents of West Fargo sure know how to celebrate the fourth!
How @mcedwards0316 and I spent the fourth of July! Wine, patio, fireworks, and Katy Perry! Nothing better!
We were excited about the Twins win. @mcedwards0316
Parasailing!!  (at Destin, Florida)
Florida trip 2014 (at Navarre Beach, Florida)
It’s hard work being so cute all day! Sometimes a guy just needs his beauty rest! #tuckeredout
My boys are seriously the cutest! Love it when they cuddle! #familymoment
"What do you mean all of the rawhide is gone??"

*cue the Sarah McLachlan music* 🐶 #sadpuppydog